Why I Started The Ibudo?


My name is Peju and this summer, I started a platform called the Ibudo.

The Ibudo is platform/community that celebrates and provides visibility for black people in skincare, hair and beauty.

For my first founder’s blog, I thought it was best to talk about ‘Why I Started The Ibudo?’. ‘Ibudo’ means hub in Yoruba — as a young black woman living in London with a Nigerian background, I wanted to incorporate my culture into my platform. In other words, the Ibudo is a beauty hub showcasing the talents of black people in skincare, hair and beauty. We aim to acknowledge incredible black creators and black businesses killing it. My vision for the Ibudo is to be a platform that aims to educate others through articles, IG Takeovers, IG Lives, Reviews and so much more.

The sole reason why I started the platform because I wanted to create a space for myself. I had a friend of mine tell me about this Muslim woman who couldn’t find a platform or space online that focuses on mental health within the Muslim community. What inspired me is that this Muslim woman didn’t wait for anyone, she decided to create a platform for herself and soon realised she wasn’t the only one that needed this space. This summer, we saw the necessary wave of the #BlackLivesMatter movement, and it sparked in my head, we need to stop seeking validation and props from our non-black counterparts to feel like we’re recognised. I felt like this was my duty as a black woman to create a space like this for us, so we can feel safe, acknowledged and celebrated.

When I started the Ibudo and even now people are confused that my platform is just for black people to follow, in essence, it’s actually the complete opposite. As mentioned beforehand, it was created to provide VISIBILITY and CELEBRATE black people in this industry — I want people from all walks of life, whether you are Caucasian, Latino or Asian, to see the impact black people have in beauty, skincare and hair. In a weird way, I never want to be the face of the Ibudo because it’s not about me, I just want it to be a space to educate others and to be solely about every single type of black people thriving in this industry.

I have so many plans and ideas for the Ibudo, and I can’t wait to go along this journey growing a brand that I know that can create an impact in this industry. I know this journey won’t be easy, but I created the Ibudo not because the world needed it, but because I needed it and sometimes in life that’s enough.

Find us on Instagram and Twitter.

Written by Peju Ayanwale, Founder of the Ibudo



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The Ibudo

Celebrating and providing visibility for Black People in beauty, skincare and hair | Instagram: @TheIbudo.